Oui Are Citroënists 2021

A virtual gathering for Citroën group to show off the newest models and give an overview of the plans for the upcoming year.

Website:  citroen.ee


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Citroën is a French carmaker founded in 1919 by André Citroën and part of Groupe PSA. At the heart of the automotive market, Citroën has since 1919 stood as a popular brand in the noble sense of the term, its main source of inspiration being people and their lifestyles. This spirit is underlined by its baseline “Inspired by You” and embodied by cars boasting unique styling and benchmark comfort. Citroën also stands out among mainstream carmakers by bringing its customers a singular experience, for example with Citroën Advisor and “La Maison Citroën”.


  • Introducing new vehicle models to the dealership network key personnel.
  • Creating virtual networking opportunities for the attendees.
  • Motivating the team to perform during challenging times.


  • We brought together nearly 100 specialists from three Baltic countries.
  • The platform enabled broadcast and exchange of views in a format of Q&A and polls.
  • Over 400 messages were exchanged between the participants.
  • Expo area showcased new models.

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