Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequent questions in the section below

Can I create my event now and start testing?

Even if your event starts no sooner than couple of weeks or months, you can create it now and start testing the features. 

Do you provide any discounts for nonprofits?

We do not have discounts for non-profit organizations. Nevertheless we do support causes in the scope of children health, safety and welfare. Apply for a discount.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept wire transfer or PayPal invoice and its associated payment methods (including Visa and MasterCard). If you prefer to use a different payment method, please contact us.

Do you have integrated video conferencing?

Yes. Our offering is two-fold:

  • 1-to-1 video conferencing in our networking module for private calls between attendees;
  • many-to-many organizer-orchestrated video conferences which can be created and released on-demand to any group of attendees for meetings, virtual stages, workshops etc. These type of video calls currently have a maximum capacity of 100 concurrent attendees.

Can I use multiple features for one event? 

Absolutely. Choose as many features as you wish to make your event special and interactive.

What is online consultation for?

During online consultation, our event expert is learning your specific case, goals, and recommends the most effective way of using the platform and shows how it works.   

What type of events can I host on Worksup? 

Worksup is best suitable for conferences, summits, workshops or meetups, but you can host any type of the event on the platform. 

How many attendees can join my virtual event on Worksup? 

Worksup is best suited for events from 100 to 1000 participants but less or more is not a problem either.

What devices can I use for Worksup?

Event attendees can open Worksup on mobile, web or tablet and use full-service functionality in either of them. No downloads needed. 



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