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Suitable for virtual, hybrid and onsite formats.

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Worksup – easy to use, easy to setup. Our standard solution covers the most common event needs and can be easily customized with desired add-ons. All in a matter of minutes.

Easy & Flexible

Easy to setup

Our easy-to-use administration portal allows you to set up your event in a matter of minutes.

Easy to manage

Manage your event, participants, communication and engagement all through the admin access, whenever you want.

Easy to navigate

Provide your audience with a sleek event app without any excess features.

Flexible to build

Build up your unique event platform by only using (and paying for) the features you need.

Flexible to format

Onsite, virtual or hybrid? Worksup solutions work superbly with all three.

Flexible for the audience

Your audience has the power to choose whether to participate onsite or remotely.

Virtual, hybrid and on-site formats

Provide synchronized solutions for different audiences:

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