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Hybrid Event

Offer an integrated event experience for your on-site, remote and on-the-go attendees with a powerful hybrid event.

Featured: broadcast

Reach your remote participants!

Virtual live-streaming allows attendees to tune in from any location. With proper preparation, it’s possible to live stream any event: on-site, virtual, or a blend of the two.

e-Gov Conference 2022
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Featured: agenda

Provide your attendees with an overview of the event!

Agendas create first impressions and provide the attendees with a quick overview of the content. Worksup helps you build up a clear, sleek and memorable agenda.

Featured: networking

Make communication easy and comfortable!

Networking allows participants to meet potential partners, employees and more. Communication builds bridges, loosens up the formal environment and provides for an unforgettable event.

How can you benefit from holding a hybrid event?

Increased reach & attendance

The hybrid format significantly increases the scope of your event by combining attendees engaging onsite with the people who are otherwise interested but unable to attend the in-person venue.

Reduced costs

Hybrid events will help you save money by reducing the number of in-person attendees which will help to reduce travel, venue, catering, and other costs.

Higher audience engagement

The addition of virtual elements broadens engagement opportunities for your attendees who can actively participate from their devices. 

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