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Virtual Product Launch

Make the launch of your new product or service informative and fun. Keep your dealers and retailers in the loop and assure they know your plans by stimulating groupwork, discussions and feedback.

Featured: quiz + raffle

Engage your public by offering them a fun quiz!

It is known that people are already competitive by nature. Taking advantage of this feature, it’s a good idea to include a quiz in the event, why not with a prize?

Featured: public chat

Get immediate reaction!

A public chat is a common chatboard where all participants can write. This feature can be great to get the first reactions to your newly launched product and ask for direct feedback.

Featured: onboarding

Send important emails to participants before, during or after the event.

Use the onboarding feature to send important information before the event with customized e-mails and access to event platform. Or use it to gather feedback after the event with the direct link to the feedback form.

The perks of holding a virtual product launch

Infinite amount of potential buyers

On-site product launch can only have a limited amount of attendees, since the location is fixed and room is limited. Virtual product launch allows you to gather clients from all around the globe.

A chance to pre-build your event

Save your valuable time for other pressing tasks – a virtual product launch can be pre-built long before the actual event.

Access live and post-event statistics

As a product owner you want to get feedback as fast as possible. Worksup shows live statistics about the attendance plus detailed analytics after the event.

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