4 reasons why run a virtual event on a platform instead of your own website

Why should you prefer Worksup event platform instead of creating an event website? What are the main points where a platform is more valuable than a simple website? Here are 4 reasons why run a virtual event on a platform instead of your own website.

1. Cost and effort efficiency

Sure, all the features we have mentioned can be integrated into a website as well. Yet, is it worth the time and money? Setting up the web page with all the necessary features takes considerable amount of time and costs more than a ready-made event platform. Does the end solution then compile into a seamless experience for the audience as you would expect from a platform? If you have doubts, save some time and nerves and opt out for the platform instead. Make the user experience for the customer run smoothly between different functionalities and parts of the event.

2. No extra mailing program needed

Simplify your life as an organizer. No need to switch between platforms and programs to do each small task. Reduce the risk of loss of data or forgetting some last minute registrations. Isn’t it annoying to triple check all the latest event info in different channels. Use the Worksup onboarding feature instead to send out information via mail to the participants.

3. One-way communication vs two-way communication

Allow the participants to interact and network with other attendees. Rather than giving passive information to your attendees, engage the audience with the content by giving them a chance to participate. Use polls, quizzes or asking questions. All the answers can be presented in real time. Avoid website server delays or uploading the answers to present on the big screen. Allow the participants to network with other attendees, both onsite and online.

4. Empower sponsors

Via Worksup platform, you can give the sponsors a chance to set up their own expo area with a simple interface. This removes the hassle and waste of time for you as an organizer as you give the sponsors the responsibility to add content to their expo area. Avoid extending the communication line for further changes and allow the expo stand owner to make it themselves.

Perhaps this helped you understand with simple 4 reasons why run a virtual event on a platform instead of your own website.

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