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Founders' Story

Worksup was founded in 2015. By that time Endrik had worked with conferences and events for 15 years and had noticed the increasing need for technology to improve attendee engagement. At that time Indrek had just finished with his data science BSc and was seeking for new challenges outside academia. The two decided to join forces and blend their experience in events and top tier technology know-how to prototype a system to digitize workshops (hence the name, Worksup).

Their main challenge was to build a reusable and scalable event app which would increase user interactivity and skip the need for legacy tools such as pens, paper, whiteboard, microphones etc. The app first really got noticed as the official app of 2017 Estonian Presidency of the Council of EU. Worksup was off to a flying start and business grew steadily until 2020 when the pandemic halted events worldwide and the need for Worksup evaporated.

The path that looked so promising  had closed down. In the fight for survival, the founders revised their strategy completely and turned Worksup into a virtual event platform. Since then, Worksup has hosted over 500 virtual and hybrid events. The pandemic will eventually be solved but virtual and hybrid events will remain as an excellent opportunity to enhance the guest experience, bring together worldwide audiences and reduce carbon footprint associated with live events.

Worksup is ready for this transition. On the technology side we are a “Wordpress for events” and can accommodate almost any special branding and features to our already strong off-the-shelf solution. On the people side we tune into our clients using our long experience in events.

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Endrik Randoja

Co-founder and CEO

Indrek Värva

Co-Founder & CTO

Cer-Lyn Luhasaar

Customer Success Manager

Kristin Moppel

Marketing Specialist

Hedi Krönström

Sales & Support Manager

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