Custom analytics feature now available on Worksup

Now, you can unleash your virtual events data’s full potential with the new custom analytics feature on Worksup.

The essential events statistics

During virtual events, attendees can be offered activities in addition to the actual speeches. They are invited to visit the virtual stands of event sponsors, to network with each other or solve tasks and exercises. For event organisers, it is essential to know what aspects of the created activities are popular among the audience and what is not.

For that Worksup has a standard analytics pack that consists of the number of attendees who entered the event, a number of questions posted and upvotes sent, amount of task replies, connections created between participants and chat messages exchanged. With the custom analytics pack, you as an organiser can dig further into statistics.

What analytics can event organizers access? 

As a special feature Worksup can now track the participants around the virtual platform. An organiser can learn, who was listening to what presentation and in what activities the participant got involved. The feature will be especially interesting to the events that feature event partners, vendors or sponsors. We can provide a virtual stand owner with the statistics, who visited the stand and what features of the stand exactly. 

How to get the feature? 

To get the custom statistic after your event, contact the support. Beware that Worksup gathers the information on organisers behalf and it is organisers responsibility to agree on all privacy aspects with the participants. Worksup will not gather nor share any advanced statistics without a request from the organiser.

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