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Why Host Your Event With Worksup?


Create an on-brand, highly-interactive experience every bit as exciting as being there in person.


Bring online and on-site audiences together with an event that is equally engaging for all.


All the innovative tools and solutions you need to plan, manage and execute your in-person event.

Create your most interactive event yet!


It is known that people are already competitive by nature. Taking advantage of this feature, it’s a good idea to include a quiz in the event, why not with a prize?

Virtual expo

A virtual expo allows the participants to engage with different vendors by visiting their booths. It is an invaluable source of new qualified leads for your sponsors & partners.


Polls allow for two types of questions: multiple answer-choices or one answer only. Polls can also be used as a tool to test the audience’s knowledge.


Virtual live-streaming allows attendees to tune in from any location. With proper preparation, it’s possible to live stream any event: on-site, virtual, or a blend of the two.