Expo & Conference

Secure additional revenue streams by involving partners and generating leads. Provide them with a stage and expo solution that works for both onsite and virtual events.

Bring new leads to your partners!

A virtual expo allows the participants to engage with different vendors by visiting their booths. It is an invaluable source of new qualified leads for your sponsors & partners

All about that eye-catching branded look!

Your event has to look like your own! Whitelabeling can give it a striking design and therefore be more memorable for the participants

Keep the audience updated with the latest news!

The announcements feature allows you to send notifications to participants as part of the event. Notifications can be in pop-up format or in the event notification catalogue.

Why add online exhibition area to your conference?

Friendly for the environment

No excessive paper use for posters or business cards, where some will never be used. Instead, we offer take-away baskets to collect information.

Exhibitors can be anywhere

With virtual expo it is not mandatory for exhibitors to physically be at the event. Instead, they can be anywhere in the world!

Helps to save money!

You can save more than a few euros when there is no need for expensive setups, transportation of staff or printings.

No limited time per attendee

Virtual expo allows the participants to interact with your business without having to wait in line for the exhibitor to find time.

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