How Virtual Event App Can Make You More Money?

There are lots of benefits to using a virtual event app, and one of them is that it can help your business save money. Instead of paying for an event to have a physical presence, you can opt to make your own virtual presence online.

Cost of printing

The biggest reason how event apps can save time and money is by reducing or even eliminating your printing costs. Depending on the size of an event, printing can cost thousands of euros – a lot more than an event app. Besides the agendas, tasks, and exhibitor information, printing is not only expensive but also inconvenient and time-consuming. 

Not to mention, often, the details of an event, such as a schedule or a sequence of speaker appearances can change, which means only more costs to reprint. Mobile event apps are much more flexible and by going green, conference app can simply store all of this information and distribute it to their users, making the process a lot easier.

Digital exposure 

When searching for the best event app, it’s important to pick one that has a selection of different features. Sponsors usually agree, instead of spending thousands of dollars to print their logo all over posters, they would rather prefer digital possibilities. For instance, with virtual event app Worksup, sponsors can be established with their logo in the header section, which will increase exposure before, during, and after the event. This kind of interaction and event networking app can take them straight to sponsor information, company websites, or even to a direct purchase.

hybrid event

Event app Worksup in Romania

Does event networking equal more value? 

If you have exhibitors or attendees that are looking to network or collect leads, then an event app is definitely a must-have. There are probably few other apps you can do this with, but only a few offer both – interaction and event networking like Worksup. With the virtual event app Worksup, your event’s sponsors can match with the customers who have similar interests and schedule meetings at the venue or later after the conference. 

Also, sponsor games through an app can encourage the audience to answer the questions about them, which can increase the interest in the product and networking possibilities.  When your sponsors find new customers from your conference, they most probably return again, which also generates more revenue for you.

Networking during an event Networking during an event 

Data 101

So, now you have saved some money and time, what can you do with the data you found out while using an event app? With a conference app Worksup interaction and networking app, you can use this data to analyze which speakers are top influencers and which areas of the content, questions, or tasks drew the most attention.

Using this information, organizers can make decisions and address issues in real-time. They can take note of what worked the best and what didn’t for their next event. With happy guests, speakers, exhibitors, and organizers, you have a successful event for sure. 

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