New: messaging options, new languages, feedback popup, and more

Find information about the latest features released on Worksup.

1. Direct messaging options

At the events where you wish to foster networking, the “chat request” step can be turned off and attendees can start chatting instantly, without confirming chat requests. On the other hand, at the events where you wish to leave your participants with more privacy, we recommend turning “chat request” on. Choose the desired setting in admin Controls

2. Share virtual meeting link at ease 

Event organizers can share links to different elements of the agenda: a specific talk, discussion, meeting, or demo. It allows event organizers to send links to virtual meetings through email, social media, or any other network to attract a bigger audience to certain aspects of the event. Contact us to request the feature. 

3. Matchmaking options

Worksup features an efficient matchmaking tool that brings attendees together based on their interests. Participants can find like-minded guests from the list and propose meetings or start chatting with them. It is also possible to turn the interest-based matchmaking off in admin Controls

4. Mark answered comments

In the admin Q&A section, organizers can see a checkmark button under each comment/question asked. Clicking on it, an attendee’s comment will be marked as “answered” which will be also visible for the audience on the agenda’s Q&A in real-time. At events with a lot of active attendees, this helps to organize Q&A sessions.

5. Finnish and Latvian translations

Organizers can set up Worksup in two more languages – Finnish and Latvian. Other available languages include English (default), Italian, Estonian, and Russian. The settings can be changed in the admin Controls section.

6. Email notifications

Now, if attendees have unread messages, we make sure that they know it by sending out a personalized email. This letter contains direct links for each chat so that the attendees can easily continue where they left off. The feature is available for events with email check-in gates only. 

7. Learn how the audience enjoyed your event 

You can set an automatic feedback popup that will be displayed on Worksup 30 min after the event ends. The form will be only shown once and can be closed with a click. Contact us to get the feature.

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