On-site Event

No need to download anything. Create a memorable experience and simplify engagement at the conference.

Engage your attendees through Q&A sessions!

Q&A sessions allow the audience to dive deeper into certain topics, provide the opportunity to connect with a high profile speaker and ask questions that otherwise would never be asked

Get to know your audience and gather feedback!

Polls allow for two types of questions: multiple answer-choices or one answer only. Polls can also be used as a tool to test the audience’s knowledge

Engage your audience with a fun quiz!

It is known that people are already competitive by nature. Taking advantage of this feature, it’s a good idea to include a quiz in the event, why not with a prize?

The perks of adding virtual tools to your onsite event

Provides for more engaging content

Allow the audience to interact with the content via questions or polls during keynotes.

Create more excitement during the event

Give options for the audience to get competitive and add gamification elements to make the event more lively.

Ask for immediate feedback

Use the feedback feature onsite to ask for direct feedback from the participants before they leave the event.

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