Release Notes, December 2022: Form Builder for Gates!


Our wish has always been to keep our customers aligned with the product development lifecycle of our application. The user experience of our clients, alongside with security, remains our highest priority here in Worksup. This is why we want to keep you updated with our latest features, upgrades and bug fixes. In this release, we are happy to introduce a new feature- form builder for gates.

What's new? 🚀

Form builder for gates

Form builder can be used with either open-registration gate or data collection gate. It allows the organizer to build a registration/data collection form from ground zero. Form builder comes with endless amount of customization options starting from label names and question types, ending with creating logic behind those questions. You can now:

  • Choose from different types of fields
  • Use special fields which are mapped to networking profile for open reg gates
  • Configure fields
  • Configure global form settings
  • Configure logic
  • Make use of utilities for efficient and convenient workflow

For more specific instructions on form builder, feel free to visit our Wiki → here ←.

Updates ✨

  • New and slicker UI in event gates (more spacing, bigger texts, cleaner look) for cross-app design consistency.

Bug Fixes 🛠

  • Fix card parallel session text overflow.
  • Q&A input placeholder and timestamp color is now more distinct.

Happy discovering with the forms and enjoy our new gate design!

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