Release Notes, February 2023: Push Notifications!

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Push notifications

Push notifications are small, pop-up messages we send to a user’s device that appear even when the app isn’t open (except private chat notifications). Push notifications are a powerful communication channel that can reach event participants anytime, whether or not they are currently in the event, to capture their attention and reengage them.

How do push notifications work?

  • If the user’s device/browser supports push notifications, they will be asked to grant access to send the notifications once the participant has reached either “Announcements” or “Private chat” view.
  • Announcement push notifications are always shown regardless of whether the application is currently open or not.
  • Private chat notifications are shown only if the user is not currently on the chat page.
  • Push notification will be received by all participant devices in which he/she is logged in and has granted access to.
  • The notifications can be turned on later on even if the user chooses to reject the access.
To see read more about the feature, visit our Wiki → here ←.

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