Release Notes, January 2023: Say Hello to Workspaces!

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Workspace is like a virtual home to your events. It allows you to organize events and create them exactly the way you want — alone, together as a team, or across your whole company. Workspaces offer you two main advantages: it lets you to collaborate on events by sharing access with other organizers and it gives the possibility to structure and clean up your workbench by grouping together events of similar scope and access policy. 

What can you do there?

  • Invite collaborators. Also cancel the invitations or kick members out if neccessary (owner only).

  • Share access to chosen events only.

  • Co-work on the same event data to make the proccess of event creation even easier and quicker. But be careful to not overwrite each other’s work!

Examples of use:

  • As an event agency may create separate workspaces for different internal teams.

  • If you host an event series, create a specialized workspace and invite all stakeholders as collaborators.

  • Periodically create a new workspace to get a “clean sheet” and reduce noise in your process.

To see how to use the workspace and send out invitations, visit our Wiki → here ←.

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