Why go hybrid in addition to your onsite event?

Now that everything is starting to open up again, onsite events are becoming more and more frequent. Virtual event format is not a forgotten history, but more of a valuable addition to your physical event. There are several beneficial points, why you should consider going hybrid in addition to your onsite event. 

Reach a larger audience

Exclusivity with only physical private events is old news! Reach a larger target group, also those who cannot attend on site. People are busy and many still get sick suddenly, which means plans change rather quickly. It would be a bummer to miss out on the event just because of bad coincidences or busy scheduling.

Attendance comfort

Keep in mind that although “virtual event fatigue” is a real thing, people have gotten used to the comfort of virtual attendance quite fast. Participants prefer having the choice to attend online, whether for anxiety or logistical reasons. 

Furthermore, you have way more options to make the audience engagement more exciting with virtual tools. Worksup provides several interaction features that can be used in-sync with onsite and online audiences. 

Central communication

Keep the audience updated with announcements, give details about the agenda, onboard before the event and keep them chatting with each other to network. All through one central event hub in Worksup, regardless of onsite or online presence. 

More data for better results

Keep an eye on the statistics. Check out who attends what and where, how many people are planning to join, how is the engagement during the event and what feedback did they give you. Download the results and analyse them during or after the event for reaching better goals next time.

Hope clarified some reasons if you are still considering why go hybrid in addition to your onsite event.

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