4 Productivity Traps For Conference Organizers

If you’re a conference organizer, you probably know very well what multitasking is. When there’re so much to do, it becomes harder to juggle with tasks and get the things done. Endrik Randoja, CEO of Worksup, points out different productivity traps and advises ways to prevent them to work more efficiently.

Excess meetings

As a lot of life has gone virtual, people became even more obsessed with meetings than before. In larger organizations, the day divides into meetings, and lots of work gets done during them. Therefore, clients propose many meetings planning even a small event. They know that they only have attention to the event during the meeting, and do not work for it in between. For conference organizers, this means an extra time allocated to the project. It’s better to set a sufficient meeting plan and motivate a client to do this part also in between the meetings from the beginning.  

Planning cycle

In the case of traditional events, the planning cycle sometimes spun over a year. Often that is a way too long time to work extensively on a project, and many things change content-wise in one year. With virtual events, the other extreme has occurred. Events are expected to be organized within a week. For conference organizers, it means dropping other projects and diving into the urgent ones. It is a big distraction to the usual and healthy workflow, and you’ll lag in quality. Work with clients who understand and appreciate the optimal planning cycle.

Lack of standardisation

With virtual events emerging, everyone involved is set back in terms of experience and proven work practices. Many things in the project need to be created or re-invented. Generating new practices and concepts from scratch is creative but time and effort consuming. Start immediately document new concepts, practices, and processes to scale these, and creatively use them for many events.

New technology partners

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Finding a suitable technological solution for your event takes time to investigate it before making the deal. Better measure nine times before the cut. Don’t believe sales talk but demand real-life demos and access to previous events. Make sure you understand if the promised features are out of the box or will be created specially. It is a different project to create event software as a software development project compared to buying a solution that is already there. For the conference organizers, it means days of extra effort and tons of grey hair.

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