Top 5 Hybrid Event Trends for 2022

With the world starting to open up, hybrid events with audiences both onsite and online are the clear future of events. Even with the restrictions and uncertainties, the hybrid format will cater for both forms of participation. We have put together 5 most exciting hybrid event trends for 2022 to watch out for and plan to your next event:

Facial recognition and personalization

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you just upload a picture of yourself to your event profile and while entering the event venue you get instantly a personalized welcome on the check-in screen, making your registration smooth and quick. Moreover, when exiting the venue, facial recognition already predicts how satisfied you are with the event.
On the other hand, when you participate online, you get a personalized welcome by the platform. Have your name pop up in the main session, breakouts and even when visiting different expo stands. It understands how you feel about a certain speaker or discussion with a peer. 

Projection mapping 

Enhance your attendee experience with 3D or and hologram projections. If travelling is complicated, bring your main speaker from across the world to the main stage with a hologram. Or, if you are participating online, have him directly in your participant’s living room. Mimic the experience of live events with realistic projections of the venue and other attendees. 

For example, set up a 3D projection on Worksup to get a real life experience of the room and surroundings:

AR & VR experiences

Give your attendee the full experience of participating in real life. Allow your onsite attendee to go on a virtual tour of an office, concert in another part of the world, or MetaVerse with Zuckenberg, while your at home attendee is attending the onsite event with VR glasses.

Live and simultaneous translations

Personalize the language of your attendee and allow them to participate all around the world. Give them the fully translated experience with simultaneous live translating according to their language selection preferences.
For example, Voogle media player allows you to select the preferred language before you start watching the streaming:

AI Chatbots and networking

Allow participants to network according to choices based on their interest and fields of work. The platform will determine which will be the most suitable match for your attendee based on factors you set for your event (track, job title, area of expertise, age etc). Or give them the best attendee support with AI chatbots and avoid allocating too much workforce from your event organizing team.

What’s next?

These were our top 5 hybrid event trends for 2022. Hope you found some inspiration how to make your next event a bit extra!
What do you think what will be coming up in event technology in the next years?

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