Release Notes, April 2023: Organizer Preview Mode

What's new? πŸš€

We decided, that it’s more convenient for our clients to be able to test out all the features that Worksup has to offer, before actually having to buy them. That’s why we created this new tool for you to use- organizer preview mode!

What is it exactly?

In short, organizer preview mode allows the organizer to test out all of the features that we offer for events, without the immediate obligation of paying for a subscription. The organizer can also choose now whether to enter the event as an organizer or as an attendee. Once the event is done, tested and ready to go, all you have to do, is order the according features’ subscriptitons, which will then make the event public to third parties as well.

Organizer preview dialog

In addition

To give the organizer a better overview about the active/only testable features, we also updated our admin environment’s UI with labels next to the features. The labels indicate whether or not the feature, that the organizer is using, is already purchased/active or not.Β 

A screenshot from admin environment showing add-on labels


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