3 Ways to increase virtual conference audience engagement

So you have organized a virtual conference and concentrated on every little detail to make it perfect. The tickets have sold out and you hope that you get the very best from the event. Even if everything seems great, how do you know your online audience takes away everything they could from the virtual conference? Here are some quick tips on how you can achieve this.

Right content

How about the audience choosing the topics they are most interested in? There is no use of a virtual conference if your audience is not interested in the content. Wellesley Hills Group, a consulting and marketing firm researched that in a typical average-sized seminar only 2 % of the audience really gets a chance to participate in the discussion at all. This is also a good reminder that people do actually want to take part, just be sure what kind of content you are presenting and how do you do it.

Agenda view of Worksup platform

Virtual event platform Worksup, agenda view

For instance, if you use a virtual event platform Worksup, you could get information about the topics and speakers before the event. Participants can rate the topics and speakers, which gives the speaker extra time to know what they could discuss and which topics should be less focused on. Also, with the event app Worksup, participants can ask questions about the topics, answer and like questions. Not only would your seminar have valued topics and questions, but also, you could save tons of time.

Efficient virtual conference group work

Once you have the topics and questions in place, you can start thinking about how to increase virtual audience engagement. VIrtual event platform Worksup is a great tool to help you out. For example, it enables participants to network and co-work easily on the same platform. This is especially useful if your attendees would like to see who else is attending and if they share similar interests. Not to mention, with an event app Worksup, you can plan your virtual conference schedule and prepare the participants’ Q&A sessions, polls, text, and image tasks. Be creative and give them assignments they cannot solve right away, but also include fun and creative exercises.

Break the ice 

So, how you can really break the ice?  For instance, a virtual networking feature in the virtual event app Worksup app allows participants to be more proactive during a virtual conference. The reason is they already know who is there and what kind of group has the same interest. Also, why not give them fun exercises before the virtual conference starts. For instance, you could ask them to do a fun group selfie.

Picture task on Worksup, organizer’s perspective


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