Streamlined access to event video stream

We have streamlined access to the event video stream. Fewer clicks means better user experience for the attendees.


Formerly the participant of the event needed to push Play under the event logo in Worksup entering another menu of different sessions or language versions.


Now one step has ben erased and attendees can choose the livestream or other content right from the Worksup landing page. In this example there is an option to choose between different concurrent sessions. We expect this feature to be mostly used to present different language versions that attendees can grasp right after arriving to the event. 

event stream on Worksup

Streamlined access to video stream options @ Worksup


From the organiser perspective the setup does not change. Just type the name of the selection while you insert the embed link and your attendees can see what they have to do right after arriving to Worksup. 

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